We don't directly sell any products or services. We are your advocate, on your team.  We will work with any organization, whether an equipment manufacturer or vendor, engineering firm, a facility contractor, or a financial institution to obtain the information necessary to provide your organization with optimum capabilities designed for your specific needs.  Together we will develop a comprehensive technical, budgetary, supply, and integration plan that provides the exact solution necessary.

if you don't know what you don't know, we can help!

AT SRC, our first focus is not on equipment or even technology.  First we do a needs analysis...what are you trying to accomplish, what are your goals, who is your audience, what is the level of creative and operations personnel at your disposal, and of course what is the budget.

Our expertise and independence means a custom tailored solution at the best possible price..


"Being independent and not a direct seller means we  look out for your interests.  We are not trying to sell you excess inventory, or the products with the most profit."

Our benefit to you is that we are INDEPENDENT


Technology and capabilities are constantly changing. That's no problem if you have an unlimited budget.  But if you are like most (including broadcasters), budgets are shrinking, so you need to insure that the money you are spending on technology is wisely spent.  That is even more true if you are a House of Worship (HOW), school, or public entity.